Wednesday, 8 May 2013

raining cats and dogs

What's happened to the weather?  Was woken up this morning to the sound of heavy rain falling on the window, a far cry from yesterday when I was out in a summer dress and flips flops.  Today it's back to the jeans, except mine are falling apart and I desperately need a new pair.  In light of the recent Rana plaza factory collapse there has been a lot of talk online about fashion ethics, it's such a complex issue and unfortunately it isn't as simple as boycotting the companies that fall short in their code of ethics.  That said, I have found myself trawling the internet this morning for ethical jeans and really like the look of these super stylish Monkee Genes and as luck would have it I can go and try a pair on just down the road at Fashion-Conscience a fantastic company that sources ethically produced clothing and gifts.  Whilst I'm there I may even pick up one or two of these lovely recycled cardboard hangers which are designed by Coco Boheme.

Le Chien
Le Chat

Friday, 3 May 2013

fishy friday

here's a picture of a fish that my soon to be six daughter drew

it's a rainbow fish of course ... nice with chips  ;0)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

a place for your thoughts

Have a look at this beautiful notebook that's been designed by illustrator Helen Dardik, isn't it wonderful?

Helen Dardik composition book, designed exclusively for  Paperchase